#BCM240 Intro

New Semester, New Intro.

Another semester and another round of blogging! If you’re new, I’m James and I am in my second year of university. I study Communication & Media studies and Arts, majoring in International Communication & Media and Chinese (Mandarin). I am excited to jump into another semester of blogging and, now, tweeting. So I will (well, when I open a twitter account in the next couple of days) be tweeting all my blog posts and maybe a few other things.

EDIT: I Finally got Twitter! @james_k73

So here a few quick facts about me:

  • I just spent 5 weeks in Shanghai, China, on a short course exchange. (Loved it!).
  • My interests are international film, fitness, coffee and gin.
  • I love being out of the house and meeting new people.

So if you have any questions or see me walking down the street, feel free to say hello. I’m a nice guy.

So what is my Media Space?

Despite being a member of the technologically-obsessed Gen Y, I barely use social media. I don’t have a twitter, or an instagram, or a tumblr, or an [insert more social media platforms here]. I am a big fan of Reddit though! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m not tech savvy, its just that the various forms of social media haven’t interested me much. Even my friends will tell you I never check my Facebook, and when I do it’s a pretty big deal. But hey, maybe this subject will finally make me conform. So what is my Media Space? Maybe here:

Auction Rooms, North Melbourne.

Auction Rooms, North Melbourne.

Its my favourite cafe in Melbourne that serves the best coffee and gourmet food in the city. Here I usually chill out to indie-rock tunes for hours whilst I read a book or magazine, or even play around on my tablet and sip on my 7th latte. Sometimes I might see what is new on Facebook or Reddit. Sometimes I turn my phone off and enjoy tuning out for a few hours.


Auction Room image: http://fatboo.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Auction-Rooms-North-Melbourne-1313.jpg


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