Nothing is Stopping Illawarra’s Dlinkwnt

Dlinkwnt (Louis, Jack, Paul, Stuart, Aimee, Nicholas, Er-Chih, missing: Des & Jake)

Dlinkwnt (Louis, Jack, Paul, Stuart, Aimee, Nicholas, Er-Chih, missing: Des & Jake)

The 9-piece, Jazz/Hip-Hop band Dlinkwnt have picked up a wild card entry into tomorrow’s Hard Rock Cafe ‘Breaking Ground’ competition after pacing 3rd at the National Campus Band Comp in Canberra this month.

No, that’s not a typo, they’re called Dlinkwnt and boast an extremely well experienced and large group of musicians ranging from brass, bass and drums to keys, a lead singer, and frontman Nicholas Johnson as MC. The band’s obscure, yet catchy mixture of Jazz and Hip-hop are unstoppable, claiming 1st at both Regional and State finals and 3rd at Nationals in October. The band has also been busy having released their first EP, Make It So, in late September. Amongst their hectic schedule, I was lucky enough to score a quick interview with Dlinkwnt during one of their practice sessions.

Having placed 1st at the State finals, the band began the road trip to Canberra in hopes of first place and claiming the National Championships. Not new to the pressure, Dlinkwnt‘s MC Nicholas Johnson states, “we were in a good chance as much as everybody, we gave it a really good go and came in third out of 400 which was great”.

Despite only just missing out on the top spot at Nationals, Dlinkwnt have received a wildcard entry into tomorrow’s Breaking Ground competition at Hard Rock Cafe. The band appears a bit more confident with this competition, having performed at so many in such a short period. When I asked if they had any new songs to show off at the competition, all I got from the band was “Well James, are you feeling good?”, a hint from the bands keyboardist, Er-Chih Li. Nevertheless I was lucky enough to film a teaser for the band’s latest and currently favourite song, Last Night.

Dlinkwnt's first EP Make It So

Dlinkwnt’s first EP Make It So

With nine band members, preparation and organising practice time would seem difficult.

“Honestly you think it would, and lot of people are like ‘ahh! How do you manage that?'”, Nicholas said, “But we’re all seasoned musicians who have worked in bands since little kids so we know not to muck around. Too much”.

The band is planning for a new EP release sometime within the first quarter next year, or as drummer Pauly Pozzacchio put it, “by first quarter we mean third quarter”. Their first and latest EP as a band, Make It So (pictured to the right), was launched late September. The band admitted that the release for their EP has caused a major surge in popularity and following on social media.

Frontman Nicholas admits that such a large following on social media was a contributing factor in leaving KP Records only this week, “I don’t think with this day and age, with access to social media, that we really need a label at this point”.

The EP is named after one of the band’s hit songs “Make It”, which Nicholas remarks as a turning point for him and the band.

When I left the last hip-hop crew, there was a bit of bad blood between me and a few members. A lot of them were like ‘You’re not going to get anywhere’. So it kinda just came from that, you know? It was saying to them ‘Yeah, you said we couldn’t do it and here we are, going strong’

You can listen to the song, as well as others on the EP below on Sound Cloud.

Dlinkwnt are also headlining at the UniBar End of Session Halloween party. Tickets are available at the UOW Unishop. Dlinkwnt’s EP Make it So is available on iTunes now. Don’t forget to like Dlinkwnt on Facebook to keep up to date about any future gigs.

For more information, you can check out Dlinkwnt at the following links:



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