Avenue Q: Think Sesame Street, But Much More Naughty.

Avenue Q - Wollongong (source: Avenue Q Facebook)

Avenue Q – Wollongong (source: Avenue Q Facebook)

The hilarious Avenue Q had it’s last performance tonight following a successful season at the IPAC theatre in Wollongong.

Avenue Q returned to Wollongong due to popular demand after it’s very successful and highly praised performance earlier this year in January. Directed by Amy Copeland, this is her third installment of the musical puppet show for Wollongong-based production company So Popera! The show, which hit Broadway in 2003 has since become a musical classic performed by theatres around the world and winner of three Tony awards, including Best Musical.

Avenue Q is a musical production similar to Sesame Street, however, it is definitely not for the kids. The show is set on a little avenue in New York for puppets and their puppeteers where scenes of simulated puppet sex, songs about porn, racism, unemployment and “What Do You Do with a B.A. in English?” know no boundaries.


“Loud as the Hell you want” (Source: Avenue Q Facebook)

Wollongong local Harry Brizga saw the show on its opening night. “It’s a humorous and raunchy reimagining of a children’s puppet show”.


Avenue Q set, created by Mal and Donna Copeland. (source: Avenue Q facebook)

Avenue Q set, created by Mal and Donna Copeland. (source: Avenue Q facebook)

The Wollongong rendition of Avenue Q stars many of Wollongong’s stellar musical regulars, including Ron Seymour, Jess Wilkinson and Jack Arnold whose performances have been described as magnificent.

What has evidently stole the show was the set (pictured left), created by director Amy Copeland’s parents, Mal and Donna. It maintains the reminiscence of Sesame Street whilst giving off an Avenue Q-esque slum-like vibe.

The last two shows to Avenue Q are on tonight at the IPAC theatre, Wollongong. If you’ve missed out, make sure you like Avenue Q Wollongong on Facebook for more details about future shows. 



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