Melbourne flooded by AFL fans for the Annual Grand Final Parade

2013-09-27 12.38.30 (1)

View of the Parade taken from Bourke Street. (Source: James Keogh)

Melbourne CBD was inundated with thousands of AFL fans come to watch tomorrow’s Grandfinal

From La Trobe to Flinders Street Railway Station and all the way along Swanston, the streets were covered in a sea of purple and gold as parading AFL fans marched their colours. The parade is an annual event celebrated by Grand Final competitors, this year the Fremantle ‘Freo’ Dockers and the Hawthorn Hawks. Despite have the home-ground advantage, the Docker’s purple most definitely outweighed the Hawk’s gold amongst the crowd.

2013-09-27 12.37.52

Trevor, the loyal ‘Freo’ fan waving a Dockers flag. (Source: James Keogh).

Demonstrating his passionate loyalty, Trevor Phelan stood on the corner of Bourke and Swanston heroically waving his Dockers flag. Trevor flew in with his three buddies on a routed flight from Perth to Sydney to Melbourne late last night and this morning.

“In Sydney it’s like any other day”, Trevor said, “We all got odd looks coming through the airport wearing our dockers [apparel].”

“But here, now in Melbourne, I look normal, I can walk up to anyone and have a laugh and a drink”.

2013-09-27 12.36.33

The Capitol Theatre on Swanston Street celebrating the Grand Final. (Source: James Keogh).

The Capitol Theatre, located in the heart of the parade, showcased beautiful gardens dedicated to the team’s colours, whilst many shops welcomed Docker fans by selling Fremantle jerseys, flags, scarfs and more.

The whole CBD was in lockdown, with all the trams running through the city on hold as the parade ensued through to the afternoon. The game which kicks off tomorrow at 2:30 is expected to reach a record high in attendance, with many more enjoying the game from the comfort of their pubs.

Michelle Carli, behind the bar at the New Quay Hotel during game tomorrow awaits what she called “The busiest day of the year”.

“It’ll be crazy!” she claimed, “with such a turn out at the parade today there will be many drinks for fans celebrating and in sorrow after the game.”


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