The Introduction

Hey Guys,

I guess this is the compulsory introduction… so welcome to my Blog: Valid Issues No Tissues. 

My name is James Keogh and I am a BCMS/Arts student at UOW. I am hoping to complete the Journalism major whilst also studying Mandarin and Politics under my Arts Degree (Ni Hao to any Chinese peeps). The reason I am doing this course is because every opportunity from the BCMS course appeals to me, and I eventually hope to have a career in journalism one day.

If you haven’t noticed I despise tabloid news and hope to blog about Valid Issues within the media. I guess the No Tissues part of the title (apart from rhyming) represents the sensationalised or exaggerated aspect of tabloid news and I will hopefully achieve in presenting accurate, referenced information on the world of media and communications – in which case I am already better than fox.

Anyway I love movies (test me), TV, street art, discussing politics, Al Pacino, modern history, money, Freddie Mercury (anything queen related actually) and Coffee.

Zia Jian


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